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Hey y'all! If you haven't already figured it out from all the bold letters, my name is Chasity Weaver. I am a 2016 Public Relations graduate from Auburn University. Thank you for taking the time to check out my online resume and portfolio, please read below to learn a little bit about me and see the next few pages for work I have done throughout my college career.

I was born and raised in a small town in northern Alabama called Gadsden. There we have one main road that gets you almost anywhere you would like to go. It is growing though, we recently got a Krispy Kreme, and boy was it a big deal! I went to Westbrook Christian School from first grade until graduation. I am very thankful for a school with excellent teachers that instilled in me the values that shaped who I am today. I'm glad that I grew up in a small town and attended a high school where my graduating class consisted of about 60 people, it gave me the opportunity to really invest in the relationships that are still very important to me this day.

Relationships are something I cherish and I believe that is what led me to choose public relations as my major. We as humans, are nothing without relationships. We were made to have a relationship with God first and foremost, then our spouse, families, friends, even business contacts like bosses and co-workers. Every relationship starts with communication whether it be a simple hello, an email, an interview, or conversation in the elevator. This then leads to some sort of bond or common connection, then to trust and respect. No relationship is perfect, we all will have rocky moments and it is our job to learn from these moments by assessing the problem from every angle, building a strategic plan, then implementing the plan. All to make sure it doesn't happen again so the relationship can grow stronger.

After high school I went off to the University of Alabama for my freshman and fall semester of sophomore year. I then transferred to Auburn University the following Spring. To read about the best decision I've made to date, and why I did it, check out my experience on transferring from the 'other school' here. I grew up in a home with all Alabama fans, so never would I have imagined that I would be graduate from Auburn University but, I did! Now a very proud alumna of AU, my closet is still full of navy and orange, I will always shed a tear when the eagle flies and you bet I yell War Eagle at the top of my lungs on football Saturdays.

I had part-time jobs throughout my college years to pay for tuition, rent and food so I have learned how to juggle life and work. I am very thankful for these jobs that have taught me responsibility, adaptability, confidence and other skills I will be able to apply to any job.

Now that you have read the serious 'about me' section, here are some fun facts about me! I love God and His word, He died for me so I live for Him. My husband, family and friends are the world to me and I would be nothing without them, please refer to the third paragraph on relationships. My two furry children, Beau and Belle, are unaware that they are dogs and I do not treat them like so.

I am a coffee addict and I admit I have a problem. I have many cups throughout the day. Half of the blood in my body has been replaced with sweet tea, but not just any sweet tea, good southern super-sweet tea. A foodie is a person with a particular interest in food, that is me, I love food!

Rachel Zoe said,"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak." I love clothes, I have a closet bursting at the seams. I love that you can tell what kind of person I am by what I am wearing, dressing for success is key. I have a collection of heavenly-scented candles and house plants that could rival Anthropologies.

Material possessions are wonderful and I am extremely blessed to have what I do but, I would rather have memories and experiences. I hope to travel the world throughout my lifetime, experience other cultures, taste new foods, go on adventures, maybe cage-diving with great whites off the coast of Africa. There is a whole world out there to see and savor!

Thank you for taking the time to peruse my website and getting to know me! Now I would love to know more about you so head on over to my contact page and email me!

- Chasity Weaver

These are few of my favorite things...


Biltmore December 2015, engagement.


Samford Lawn Auburn, Alabama.

Auburn Football

Jordan-Hare Stadium


Over New York City


Summer 2015


Cup of happiness


Warm Fluffy Pancakes



Biltmore Greenhouse

Old Roomates

Auburn Gameday Fall 2015


Always got the Nikon


Jenny Lake, Grand Tetons

Cozy Fire

Screen Porch