Through my classes I have had extensive experience communicating written messages through a variety of media and outlets.


Through my business minor classes and leasing job, I have gained experience and knowledge of various marketing strategies.


Proficient in HTML and CSS coding, this website is proof.

Seach Engine Optimization

Experience with SEO through my Wordpress blog.

Adobe Suite

Experience using Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Dreamweaver

AP Style

Every one of my PR classes require that all work follow AP Style, so I am very familiar with the rules.

Microsoft Office Suite

Extensive experience using Word, Powerpoint and Excel.


Excellent communication skills both verbally and written.

Social Media

I use multiple social media applications daily, therefore I am very familiar with each application and how to tailor messages on each platform.

Hootsuite Certified

We were encouraged to get certified in my Style and Design class. I am now familiar with this social media dashboard.


We were also encourage to get Hubspot certified in my Style and Design in order to learn how to market a company in today's world.


Very familiar, I had to use this content management system every week for articles.

Google Analytics

I use this to track the traffic, bounce rate, demographics, and location of visitors on my blog.


I enjoy taking photos of everything and anything. I am working on becoming more familiar with my DSLR camera and Adobe Lightroom software.


I am a right-brained person, I love expressing creativity through graphic design, painting, writing and photography.


I try to look at the glass as half-full in every sitaution. Being negative doesn't get you anywhere and brings down the ones around you.